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At World Relief our mission is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable.

Our Values

Church Centered

Working with the local church is not only a good strategy, it’s at the very heart of our work. We believe that God gave us a plan to save our broken world, and that it begins with his church, and his people, leading the way. We want to see local churches creating and leading change in their communities.


We believe in transformation of the whole person - mind, body and spirit. That’s why our programs focus on addressing the root causes of poverty and vulnerability that often stem from harmful beliefs and practices. Beyond physical change, we focus on driving mental, social, and spiritual transformation.


We understand that lasting change requires more than quick fixes and band-aid solutions. That’s why we rely on local leaders to implement our programs. Over 95% of our staff are local - people who know and love their communities and will remain long after we depart.

For over 75 years, across 100 countries, we’ve been tackling the world’s greatest problems with sustainable solutions, transforming communities from the inside out.

World Relief has offices throughout the United States, each with unique opportunities to work and volunteer.


Our Focus

We're partnering with over 6,000 churches and 95,000 local volunteers to tackle the world's greatest problems.


Together, we’re providing emergency assistance and building resilience in communities ravaged by disaster.

Extreme Poverty

Together, we're empowering churches and communities to break free from the chains of poverty through programs in savings, agriculture, health, nutrition and more.

Violence & Oppression

Together, we're bringing peace, healing, and restoration to families and communities plagued by radical, ethnic and gender discrimination.

Refugees, Immigrants & Displaced People

Together, we're restoring hope and rebuilding lives for the millions fleeing persecution and violence in search of refuge.


Tim Breene

Scott Arbeiter

Kevin Sanderson

Megan Ashley
Marketing Director

Jennifer Foy
VP of U.S. Ministries

Karen González
Director of Human Resources

Myal Greene
SVP of International Programs

James Misner
SVP of Strategic Engagement

Jenny Yang
SVP of Advocacy & Policy


At World Relief, we are committed to prayerful, efficient and thoughtful stewardship of every donation. When you invest in us, you can trust not only that your resources are being directed to the right places, but also that those resources are being used in the smartest, most efficient ways possible due to the collective expertise of our organization.

Connect With Us

For general inquiries and information:

443-451-1900 or 800-535-5433

For donation inquiries:


Let's work together

World Relief has 20 offices throughout the United States, each with unique opportunities to work and volunteer.

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